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Client integration with IPBrick.OS and openSUSE Leap 42.1

Centralised directory services (OpenLDAP, LDAP ) on Linux clients and servers have always been a convoluted and time consuming process to manage and set-up. Not any more. As system integrator’s we have put two technologies together to make this process easier, and remove the complexity. This video will show how the powerful configuration tools in
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Date: March 2016 09:09:45 PM Category: IT Solutions, Open Source

Vmware VSAN virtualised storage area networks

Vmware VSAN and other Software Defined Storage is growing in popularity. The discs are placed back into the servers and become local, and we can mix SSD and spinning rust to create hybrid storage with the SSD’s providing caching. What are the real advantages over a conventional SAN.

Date: February 2016 06:46:38 PM Category: IT Solutions

reset local accounts on IPBrick

To reset the passwords on IPBrick (Debian) you will need to edit the default Grub menu at the boot screen. Select the kernel and the Grub Boot screen and press e Locate the kernel line of and enter init=/bin/bash at the very end. press CTRL-X The server will then boot at drop you at the
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Date: August 2015 05:21:02 PM Category: IT Solutions

Add new storage to your IPBrick

IPBrick creates 2 mount points on the file system for storage (/home1, /home2). You can add further storage locations (IPBrick refers to them as work areas) using a provided script. ipbrick:/opt/system/scripts# php system_add_new_workareas.php X X refers to the number of extra work-areas you want defined. Before running this script you must have already created the
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Date: August 2015 12:28:47 PM Category: IT Solutions

Asterisk Comedian Mail menu map

Date: August 2015 05:43:51 PM Category: IT Solutions

Configure UK console keyboard on IPBrick

When you first login to your IPBrick console , You will find that the keyboard mappings will not match the UK keyboard. Enter this command once you login: ipbrick:~# dpkg-reconfigure console-data Follow the onscreen menus and select the correct keyboard and language layout. You only have to perform this once.

Date: August 2015 11:58:08 AM Category: IT Solutions

Configure QOS on your IPBrick

QOS (Quality of Service) is a hack or work around if you do not have enough bandwidth to deploy delay sensitive applications such as voice. QOS can buy you sometime whilst you sought out your bandwidth problems. QOS has to be configured and deployed through the whole network for it to work ( Handsets, switches,
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Date: August 2015 10:28:53 AM Category: IT Solutions

How to Backup Your IPBrick

IPBrick 6.1  has 4 key areas where data is stored /home1* /home2 Postgres System Database Postgres User Database */home1 is a very important area. It shares this mount point with user data and system data. If your IPrick is very busy will be beneficial if you mount this area to a SAN with ample discs
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Date: August 2015 04:02:10 PM Category: IT Solutions

How to get Yealink phones connecting over VPN

Yealink phones are very feature rich VOIP handsets. However the documentation only covers the really basic stuff to get you working out of the box All the cool stuff like Secure VPN connectivity to your voice system LDAP Address book integration Resilient server registration using DNS SRV records etc etc All this information you are
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Date: December 2012 04:14:22 PM Category: IT Solutions

IPBRICK Clouds on Cisco UCS

As you may know I deploy and design computing platforms and the associated network architecture using Cisco UCS. It is a virtualisation powerhouse to put it into a few words as possible. The platform enables what is called stateless computing.  You can purchase UCS in bundles which provide you with storage, network , compute resources
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Date: July 2012 01:50:18 PM Category: IT News, IT Solutions

How to go paperless

  After watching BBC Click and the challenge to go paperless. I decided to take up that challenge in my household. If you have not seen it yourself,  Watch it here I have taken delivery of my shiny new IP BRICK SOHO appliance and a HP all in one scanner. I’m going to connect
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Date: July 2012 12:56:09 PM Category: IT Solutions sell serial console applications for network engineers for IPAD…..Really ! I’m going to take an IPAD into a data-center to configure cisco devices. I’m going to take £400 to £600 IPAD into a data-center to configure network equipment. Have these guys actually been to a data-center? Please don’t be a moron and fall for
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Date: December 2011 03:53:45 AM Category: General, IT Solutions

Unified communications on a HP Micro Proliant Server

  This is a picture of my new Business Server running on Micro Proliant server. However it is not running Microsoft Small Business Server., it is running something quite different. I’m using the  server to provide the following: Email Server. Anti-Spam & Antivirus. Domain Services for Single Sign on Authentication. File/print Server. Mobile worker SSL
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Date: August 2011 04:07:09 PM Category: IT Solutions

Juniper kit is actually quite good !

After months of nagging from a fellow network engineer. I finally made the time to look into the features of Juniper network equipment. And I was surprised on what i found.

Date: April 2011 05:44:07 PM Category: IT Solutions

IPBrick Enterprise Linux

If you are a regular reader of my website you will know that I’m a fan of Linux and how it can be used within business. I have been looking at a number of Linux distributions and how they can be used in business. My favorites so far have been Ubuntu and also Centos. However
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Date: July 2010 02:20:31 PM Category: IT & Business, IT Solutions


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