How to go paperless

My new IPBRick SOHO  After watching BBC Click and the challenge to go paperless. I decided to take up that challenge in my household.

If you have not seen it yourself,  Watch it here

I have taken delivery of my shiny new IP BRICK SOHO appliance and a HP all in one scanner. I’m going to connect the appliance to my  3TB ReadyNAS Pro for addtional fail-safe storage.

If you think of all the documents you have to keep hold of in your household.

  • Letters from the school
  • Bank Documents
  • Tax Man
  • Receipts
  • Insurance documents

You still need to keep hold of these paper documents when they arrive, but at least I can now scan them in and retrieve them at will.

Rather than dumping them into a fileshare and using filenames to help search and locate documents, I know have a fully fledged Document management system using the iPortalDOC application which runs on the IPBrick Appliance.

Hopefully this should make us all a lot more productive.
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