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December 2011 - Jsimmons - Jsimmons

The Guy that makes the blinky lights work sell serial console applications for network engineers for IPAD…..Really ! I’m going to take an IPAD into a data-center to configure cisco devices. I’m going to take £400 to £600 IPAD into a data-center to configure network equipment. Have these guys actually been to a data-center? Please don’t be a moron and fall for
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Date: December 2011 03:53:45 AM Category: General, IT Solutions

Hewlett Packard networking, throws down the gauntlet !

Interesting times ahead in the working world, Hewlett packard have just announced a flat license fee for all wired network switches This is fantastic news, and I really hope vendors like Cisco are taking note. As a network designer and troubleshooter it is extremely frustrating and expensive trying to determine  what version of firmware to
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Date: December 2011 01:05:42 PM Category: Networking


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