sell serial console applications for network engineers for IPAD…..Really ! I’m going to take an IPAD into a data-center to configure cisco devices. I’m going to take £400 to £600 IPAD into a data-center to configure network equipment.

Have these guys actually been to a data-center?

Please don’t be a moron and fall for this crap.

Go to ebay and buy an tough old IBM X60 laptop (I use mine to smash through walls when my access card fails to work at the exit) from ebay for £60, pass by Maplins on the way to the datacenter and buy a USB to Serial converter cable so you can use the billions of blue cables that birds steal from data-centers to line nests, and then put linux on the x60.

You can then put the following on the X60 for *FREE*.

  • metasploit
  • Wireshark
  • Adobe Reader for the endless ebooks release notes and best practice guides
  • Nmap Port scanner
  • dhcp server
  • tftp server
  • Apache Webserver
  • Airsnort
  • yersinia
  • sipvicious
  • Minicom or Putty for console sessions
  • USB Port to plugin you 3G Dongle for INTERNET access to download firmware
  • PXE boot server

Please enlighten me if I have i missed something. Why would i take some bullshit shiny device that has only just got cut and paste to configure network equipment. When I can spend £60 -£100 and get SO much more functionality.


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