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Picture of Jason Simmons Thanks for visiting my website. I would be very interested to know what brought you to this site so I can gauge what cause’s interest.

I have created this website for 2 reasons. The first reason is to advertise my skills as an IT professional. The 2nd is to comment on the IT industry as a whole. Towards the end of the 90’s and especially post Y2K, the IT industry has changed drastically. Recruitment has become harder ( for the employee and employer), IT budget’s have been drastically slashed and the global market has had a major impact on this whole mix of things.

I have a passion for the benefits that information technology can provide, and enjoy bringing these benefits into existence.

The current economic downturn has forced business of all sectors to look at ways of reducing the cost’s in doing business.

This is no longer the case. The time has come for the IT industry to adapt to these new demands. Two areas of opportunity now exist. Firstly, suppliers and integrators of these IT business systems have not adapted to this new attitude of aggressive value for money business’s are asking for. They are still trying to force business’s to purchase products and not benefits. This forces business’s to tailor how they use these tools to minimise costs. This means that the focus is no longer the solution, the focus is the cost of the tool.

Secondly, Large and small business’s operate with the same needs,goals and business objectives. The difference is the scale on which this takes place. The solutions available tend to scale from work group to enterprise. The medium size business can not find solutions which they can use to meet business need in a cost effective manner. This exists due to the restrictive pricing models used by IT system supplies. They do not scale down to business’s of this size.

In light of this, my goal is to highlight that Information Technology does not have to be the burden that it is perceived to be. Information Technology can still provide business advantage.

One of the tools I will use to do this is Open Source technology, where appropriate. Open Source technology is very benefits focused and can provide huge benefit when applied correctly


Using my technical and management skills, I can provide the right solutions for your business. I hope that reading the articles I will be placing on this website will cause you to be innovative and benefits focused.

Short Biography

  • Experienced IT Manager and Technical consultant
  • Network Design and implementation
  • Server Virtualisation
  • Full project life cycle managment
  • Experienced in departmental and team management including budgetary control
  • Web Application Development


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