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Unified communications on a HP Micro Proliant Server

  This is a picture of my new Business Server running on Micro Proliant server. However it is not running Microsoft Small Business Server., it is running something quite different. I’m using the  server to provide the following: Email Server. Anti-Spam & Antivirus. Domain Services for Single Sign on Authentication. File/print Server. Mobile worker SSL
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Date: August 2011 04:07:09 PM Category: IT Solutions

Using IMAP+ with Evolution on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

This is a quick note to highlight a fix for IMAP users with Evolution email client on ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Evolution 2.28.2 is shipped with 10.04, The IMAP performance is crap basically. To fix it you need to upgrade to 2.30 which supports IMAP+ To fix do the following: In a terminal write this: sudo
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Date: August 2011 05:02:04 PM Category: Open Source

How to quote for IT professional services

Those who know me will know that I’m a freelance IT consultant. One of the problems I have come across of late is the length of time it takes to obtain information to provide a valid quotation. So I have written a short (evolving FAQ) which I’m hoping should speed things up. Let me know
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Date: August 2011 03:27:28 PM Category: IT & Business


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