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Client integration with IPBrick.OS and openSUSE Leap 42.1

Centralised directory services (OpenLDAP, LDAP ) on Linux clients and servers have always been a convoluted and time consuming process to manage and set-up. Not any more. As system integrator’s we have put two technologies together to make this process easier, and remove the complexity. This video will show how the powerful configuration tools in
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Date: March 2016 09:09:45 PM Category: IT Solutions, Open Source

Kdenlive video editor missing effects   sudo apt-get install frei0r-plugins gnome-video-effects-frei0r   Hope it helps

Date: January 2015 10:57:02 AM Category: Open Source

Free software for everybody

I have just been talking with a fellow Information Technology  nerd and we have been discussing the merits of Free Software. This was prompted by the extremely price focused Information Technology business owners who only look at price when it comes to selecting Information technology. The assumption is that by using Open Source/Free Software Technology
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Date: November 2012 07:15:20 PM Category: Open Source

Using IMAP+ with Evolution on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

This is a quick note to highlight a fix for IMAP users with Evolution email client on ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Evolution 2.28.2 is shipped with 10.04, The IMAP performance is crap basically. To fix it you need to upgrade to 2.30 which supports IMAP+ To fix do the following: In a terminal write this: sudo
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Date: August 2011 05:02:04 PM Category: Open Source

The man in the white Suit

The man in the white suit is a comedy film made in the 1950’s about an eager scientist that creates a revolutionary product to help mankind. He observes the poor trying to keep themselves clothed and clean. The older washer women struggling to clean clothes, so he decides to fix the problem. He decides to
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Date: May 2010 01:53:43 PM Category: Open Source

The Linux Desktop

I have been an keen advocate of open source software and Linux in particular since discovering it back in early 2000, and the power it gave me to manage network environments. Network engineering is more core skill, and I discovered Linux and a myriad of network management tools whilst working for a cash strapped automotive
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Date: March 2010 12:02:15 AM Category: Open Source

NYSE depends on Linux

The New York Stock Exchange depends on Red Hat Linux to perform. They use Linux for trading systems and they purchase support from Redhat. Key fetures looked for are: Speed Reliability Cost Flexibility

Date: October 2008 12:03:23 AM Category: Open Source

Magento Open Source Ecommerce

I have recently come across a very promising ecommerce product called Magento. The current version is 1.14. At the time of writing this post, Magento is just over 1 year old. It is still a very young product and show’s great promise. It is designed using current PHP coding standards, and is based around the
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Date: September 2008 08:37:28 PM Category: Open Source

Using linux on the desktop

I have been using Linux on the desktop for a number of years, despite this I would not have recommended a Linux desktop for the average user. The best place for Linux was is in the server room, not on the desktop. This has changed drastically over the past few years with Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu
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Date: January 2008 09:00:15 AM Category: Open Source

Getting Linux Support

One of the many lines of FUD
which often appear in the press and on blogs is that you can not get good Linux support. These sort of articles are designed to reduce confidence in Linux and hinder the deployment of Linux, especially in a commercial environment.

Date: January 2008 09:00:58 AM Category: Open Source

What is open source software ?

The term Open Source is being used increasingly in the press and technology programs. But what is it? and How can it be of use?

Date: December 2007 12:30:09 AM Category: Open Source

What is open source ?

Running a business is an extremely challenging, but rewarding activity. To make things easier, most business’s have some form of computerised information systems. These systems record information which is naturally created , emails, products, customers and financial transactions. Once you have selected the software solution you require, you will most likely be sold a software
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Date: April 2007 05:02:40 PM Category: Open Source

SAP dismisses open source innovation

Open Source = no innovation

Date: November 2005 07:28:39 PM Category: News, Open Source

Gnome,Good hobby? Or Professional desktop.

I’m an advocate of Open Source technology because of the potential for high gains in productivity, for minimal costs. I’m using Gentoo Linux and Gnome as my main desktop, mainly to establish how viable a Linux desktop is. I’m quite pleased with the results. However, I have recently come across a problem with Gnome. It
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Date: August 2005 11:21:23 AM Category: Open Source


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