IPBrick Enterprise Linux

If you are a regular reader of my website you will know that I’m a fan of Linux and how it can be used within business. I have been looking at a number of Linux distributions and how they can be used in business. My favorites so far have been Ubuntu and also Centos. However these are great starting points for a general purpose server. You still need to provide quite a lot of installation and tweaking to create a perfect server for business use. Whilst at Cebit a couple of years ago , I can across a Linux Distribution based on Debian called IPBrick. If you can put the name aside for a moment, the distro is actually very good.

A small team of developers have taken the pain of gathering openldap, samba, apache and a number of other open-source tools and they have created a single management interface. This a commercial distro which you do have to license your server for. What you are paying for is the management tools and also the support. Yes if you are determined enough you can create your own management scripts ,and plugin other tools from sourceforge, however this does take time, and time is money, so why not pay some one else to do it.



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