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IPBRICK Clouds on Cisco UCS

As you may know I deploy and design computing platforms and the associated network architecture using Cisco UCS. It is a virtualisation powerhouse to put it into a few words as possible. The platform enables what is called stateless computing.  You can purchase UCS in bundles which provide you with storage, network , compute resources
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Date: July 2012 01:50:18 PM Category: IT News, IT Solutions

Trensys at the London Business Startup show

My company Trenchant Systems will be an exhibitor at the business start-up show in the 17th and 18th of May at Excel London. This is our first Expo and we are all busy rushing around like headless chickens preparing. Grab yourself some free tickets and come and have a chat with us on our stand.
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Date: April 2012 04:40:20 PM Category: IT & Business, IT News, News

The IPV6 Revolution

This is a shameless plug for a good buddy of mine who has setup a consultancy firm providing IPV6 Consultancy. Take up of IPv6 over the last ten years has been slow, however with IPv4 addresses starting to run out across the world more and more users and companies are connecting to the IPv6 Internet.
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Date: February 2012 11:09:53 AM Category: IT News, Networking

Sockstress is able to cause internet meltdown

A rather dangerous security flaw which can cause major havoc on the ability to deliver internet services has been discovered. A team of security researchers have discovered a security flaw in the protocol called TCP.

Date: October 2008 08:06:05 PM Category: IT News

BECTA says Whoa!, to Schools deploying Vista and Office 2007

BECTA is an organisation which outlines the use of technology in Britain's educational system. A report has been released by BECTA which outlines it's position on deploying VISTA and Office 2007. Until Microsoft can create a more compelling business case. They recommend that schools do not deploy Vista or Office 2007

Date: January 2008 09:00:42 AM Category: IT News

NYSE Deploys 600 Linux servers in trading environment

The New York Stock Exchange have deployed over 600 Linux servers within their Hybrid Market trading system. The Hybrid Market system lets NYSE traders buy and sell stocks electronically or on the exchange's trading floor.

Date: January 2008 09:00:05 AM Category: IT News

Microsoft eases licensing to compete with LAMP

Linux Apache Mysql PHP are extremely popular web server components. All these components are free. This can make it challenging to compete with. Microsoft seem to be responding to claw back marketshare

Date: January 2008 09:00:44 AM Category: IT News


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