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December 2007 - Jsimmons - Jsimmons

The Guy that makes the blinky lights work

How important is Email to you ?

How important is email to you? Is it a convenience, or a vital part of your business ? Over the years email has become one of the most important applications on the internet. We now use it to send money , manage projects or just keep in touch with our families.

We expect near instantaneous replies to our email, and we expect to store hundreds of messages within folders categorised with tags. We also expect to have access to our email where ever we travel, or even while on the move

Date: December 2007 12:20:44 AM Category: IT & Business

What is open source software ?

The term Open Source is being used increasingly in the press and technology programs. But what is it? and How can it be of use?

Date: December 2007 12:30:09 AM Category: Open Source


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