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July 2008 - Jsimmons - Jsimmons

The Guy that makes the blinky lights work

You do have a choice !

Over the past few months quite a my friends and associates have been complaining about the latest windows operating system, Windows Vista. The complaints range from the fact that they perceive windows vista to be slow, or certain hardware devices or programs have stopped working since installing Vista. Some problems have been so hard to
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Date: July 2008 09:00:50 AM Category: General

Data protection stupidity

Data protection Stupidty. I’m getting quite worried about the amount of news items that I have seen recently which highlight security breaches due to laptop theft or missing CD’s in the post. One of the most public is the HMRC data of 25 million records on non-encrypted media. A number of security experts have mentioned
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Date: July 2008 09:00:42 AM Category: IT Solutions


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