Juniper kit is actually quite good !

If you have been reading my in-frequent posts on my website, or make the mistake of asking me what I do for a living, you will know that I’m a bit of a Cisco Fanboy. I have been using Cisco Equipment for a number of years.

Cisco are always evolving and bringing out new products which means I do not have much time available to get to the heart of other vendors technologies.

One of my fellow network geeks did find the time, and now he is running around in his underpants shouting JUNIPER in my face every time he meets me.

To persuade him to put his trousers back on , I said I would take at look at the product range and attend a couple of webinars.

I have to admit, I like what I have seen so far. The juniper features do make some of the Cisco product range look a little awkward.

Here are some of the my reasons why

  • Juniper uses one operating system(Junos) across all products. Which makes administration easier and consistent
  • Junos provides a full feature-set in one image. It does not separate features into separate images for revenue generation. This makes product selection a lot easier
  • Junos has very strong configuration management, it has version control, rollbacks and archives.
  • The product range is simpler

Just these features alone can reduce your operational costs. The fact that your security, routers, and switching products have a consistent CLI reduces management time greatly. The configuration management features also reduces the cost of operation.

I’m not going to rip out all my Cisco equipment just yet, but I’m going to do some more research and I like what I have seen so far.



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