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January 2007 - Jsimmons - Jsimmons

The Guy that makes the blinky lights work

China Fuels Economic growth with Linux

industry, growth of 28 per cent is forecast between 2006 and 2010.

Date: January 2007 05:31:55 AM Category: News

EC: Reports that Open Source is key to competitiveness

By 2010, 32% of all IT related services will relate to Open Source.

Date: January 2007 05:15:41 AM Category: News

Linux “Get The Facts”

Since 2004, Microsoft have embarked on a campaign against the adoption of Linux. Does this change the perception of Linux ?

Date: January 2007 03:03:28 AM Category: IT & Business

More reason’s to secure your LAN

Unpatch those cables, shutdown those ports... The plague is back !

Date: January 2007 02:28:43 AM Category: News


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