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Everybody hates ubuntu

Everybody seems to enjoy hating on Ubuntu. There are hundreds of blogs talking about why they are leaving Ubuntu and going to arch or antegros or Manjaro or some other distro. And loads of ranty video’s ( such as this one this guy is really pissed at Ubuntu ) as to why Ubuntu sucks
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Date: January 2017 11:37:37 PM Category: General sell serial console applications for network engineers for IPAD…..Really ! I’m going to take an IPAD into a data-center to configure cisco devices. I’m going to take £400 to £600 IPAD into a data-center to configure network equipment. Have these guys actually been to a data-center? Please don’t be a moron and fall for
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Date: December 2011 03:53:45 AM Category: General, IT Solutions

The paradox of choice

If you have not worked it out by now, I’m a Information technology professional. I have been working in the industry for over 20 years. During this time I have seen the Information technology world leak out of the corporate world and into our homes and also into our pockets. It is now “normal” to
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Date: October 2011 11:23:20 AM Category: General

Where are the innovators ?

Growing up in the 1980’s as a teenager I was exposed to new exciting developments of the Micro Computer. These were machines which plug into the home television and you can play games and experiment and learn. I had a commodore 64 on which I taught myself 6502 machine code at the age of 14.
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Date: June 2010 09:16:03 AM Category: General

Thank you Ubuntu Developement team

Pictured below are the people involved in creating and developing Ubuntu Linux. This is just before version 9.10 was launched. if you have not tried Linux before. I recommend you give Ubuntu Linux a try. Many thanks for all your hard work guys.

Date: December 2009 04:48:28 PM Category: General

How to FAIL, even with good technology

If you read my article on ” What is Applied Information Technology” you will see that I take the view that the use of technology in business should create strong benefits, otherwise technology becomes a burden. You should be able to see a direct business benefit in the operation of your business, and also your
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Date: December 2009 07:19:39 PM Category: General

Caveat emptor ( buyer beware)

Caveat emptor ( buyer beware) , server hosting plans are not always as first described.

Date: June 2009 05:20:15 PM Category: General

You do have a choice !

Over the past few months quite a my friends and associates have been complaining about the latest windows operating system, Windows Vista. The complaints range from the fact that they perceive windows vista to be slow, or certain hardware devices or programs have stopped working since installing Vista. Some problems have been so hard to
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Date: July 2008 09:00:50 AM Category: General

Is DNS an Enterprise requirement ?

Is it logical to assume that DNS would come under the "Enterprise" label

Date: September 2006 01:38:32 AM Category: General

I have joined the world of blogging

Just renovated my website. I have also joined the world of blogging. I have found something I feel passionate enough to write about. Come back once I have sorted out the rough edges and made sure everything works

Date: May 2005 12:07:16 AM Category: General


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