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July 2010 - Jsimmons - Jsimmons

The Guy that makes the blinky lights work

Bespoke multi media services

This is a shameless plug for a new service I have setup with my brother and a few other creative people. We have setup a service to help people create audio content for videos, presentations, phone systems and tutorials. I’m basically reselling the following services. Bespoke musical content for videos and even films and computer
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Date: July 2010 02:40:09 PM Category: News

IPBrick Enterprise Linux

If you are a regular reader of my website you will know that I’m a fan of Linux and how it can be used within business. I have been looking at a number of Linux distributions and how they can be used in business. My favorites so far have been Ubuntu and also Centos. However
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Date: July 2010 02:20:31 PM Category: IT & Business, IT Solutions


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