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Business technology optimization

In some ways, running a successful business has become a lot harder than say 10 years ago. We are all taking advantage of the opportunities presented to us by the global market, and we also have to deal with the disadvantages, Competition is fiercer and margins are a lot tighter. Business owners have to manage
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Date: April 2007 11:14:17 AM Category: IT & Business

Centos 5.0 Linux has been released

Centos stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System. It is a Linux distribution based on the Source RPM’s of Redhat Enterprise. It has the same functionality as Redhat enterprise, but does not include some of the Redhat Specific support tools. The Centos Team work hard making this distro comply with Redhat’s redistribution policy by re-branding and
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Date: April 2007 10:39:42 AM Category: News

What is open source ?

Running a business is an extremely challenging, but rewarding activity. To make things easier, most business’s have some form of computerised information systems. These systems record information which is naturally created , emails, products, customers and financial transactions. Once you have selected the software solution you require, you will most likely be sold a software
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Date: April 2007 05:02:40 PM Category: Open Source


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