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SMB Ethernet Switches. Save now, Pay Later

We are all familiar with the “Small Business” range of Information Technology products. They are the crippled versions of the Enterprise range of products for grown up big business. Manufacturers work hard to remove or disable features so they can sell products to “Small Business” at a lower cost. As small business owner this is
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Date: November 2013 03:37:04 PM Category: Networking

The IPV6 Revolution

This is a shameless plug for a good buddy of mine who has setup a consultancy firm providing IPV6 Consultancy. Take up of IPv6 over the last ten years has been slow, however with IPv4 addresses starting to run out across the world more and more users and companies are connecting to the IPv6 Internet.
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Date: February 2012 11:09:53 AM Category: IT News, Networking

Hewlett Packard networking, throws down the gauntlet !

Interesting times ahead in the working world, Hewlett packard have just announced a flat license fee for all wired network switches This is fantastic news, and I really hope vendors like Cisco are taking note. As a network designer and troubleshooter it is extremely frustrating and expensive trying to determine  what version of firmware to
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Date: December 2011 01:05:42 PM Category: Networking

The trouble with cisco

I have been working with CISCO networking equipment for over 10 years. Over the years they have created a very strong brand dominance. This is then fed by the fact that most corporations will only insist on using CISCO network equipment within networks. However over the years CISCO’s competition has improved product offerings immensely, and
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Date: June 2008 04:24:03 PM Category: Networking

Cisco Unified Communications

Cisco have launched a product range targeted at the needs of small business. Cisco are not the only vendors who are now catering for the smaller. Lots of vendors have now acknowledge that the SMB market has been somewhat overlooked when it comes to IT application solutions and Hardware. Cisco’s offering looks to address the
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Date: January 2008 07:12:53 PM Category: Networking


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