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Trensys at the London Business Startup show

My company Trenchant Systems will be an exhibitor at the business start-up show in the 17th and 18th of May at Excel London. This is our first Expo and we are all busy rushing around like headless chickens preparing. Grab yourself some free tickets and come and have a chat with us on our stand.
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Date: April 2012 04:40:20 PM Category: IT & Business, IT News, News

Bespoke multi media services

This is a shameless plug for a new service I have setup with my brother and a few other creative people. We have setup a service to help people create audio content for videos, presentations, phone systems and tutorials. I’m basically reselling the following services. Bespoke musical content for videos and even films and computer
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Date: July 2010 02:40:09 PM Category: News

Centos 5.0 Linux has been released

Centos stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System. It is a Linux distribution based on the Source RPM’s of Redhat Enterprise. It has the same functionality as Redhat enterprise, but does not include some of the Redhat Specific support tools. The Centos Team work hard making this distro comply with Redhat’s redistribution policy by re-branding and
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Date: April 2007 10:39:42 AM Category: News

Linux cuts Kent Police system costs by 90%

Kent Police have cut the cost of running its major criminal investigations system by 90% using Novell Open Enterprise Server, the company's version of SuSE Linux.

Date: February 2007 01:29:38 PM Category: News

China Fuels Economic growth with Linux

industry, growth of 28 per cent is forecast between 2006 and 2010.

Date: January 2007 05:31:55 AM Category: News

EC: Reports that Open Source is key to competitiveness

By 2010, 32% of all IT related services will relate to Open Source.

Date: January 2007 05:15:41 AM Category: News

More reason’s to secure your LAN

Unpatch those cables, shutdown those ports... The plague is back !

Date: January 2007 02:28:43 AM Category: News and SMTP forgery

If you are getting SPAM from this domain, it's not me, It's SPAMMERS spoofing my domain.

Date: April 2006 01:51:23 AM Category: News

Firefox Community Adverts

The Firefox browser has been experiencing a large increase in popularity. It’s a cross platform browser with a good feature-set. In my opinion it performs better than the established Internet explorer. In true community spirit, the users of the browser are helping to spread the word about the browser. My contribution is to have a
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Date: April 2006 12:43:27 PM Category: News

Microsoft opens port 25

Microsoft wants to talk about Open Source ?

Date: April 2006 11:39:34 AM Category: News

SAP dismisses open source innovation

Open Source = no innovation

Date: November 2005 07:28:39 PM Category: News, Open Source

An example of unapplied Information Technology

While doing some research into how I can get Linux to autoplay a DVD, I came across a rather worring article on Zdnet. The article explains that Dell is currently being sued by InterVideo because they have been supplying software that allows users to play DVD’s automatically on insertion It appears that this simple operation
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Date: October 2005 01:06:30 PM Category: News

SAP Weblog

One of the Information technology solutions which I will be outlining on this site is the integration PHP and SAP. The combination of these two technologies enables the creation of some powerful and cost effective tools. I have been given the privilege of helping to build the community to embrace this technology. Check out my
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Date: June 2005 07:35:54 PM Category: News

Eradication of Voice Over IP

I have just read an article on the register informing that Skype have been informed that they can not operate in certain countries unless they carry emergancy services voice calls. I find this interesting because it appears that the conventional voice carriers have a found a reason to slow down the up take of these
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Date: May 2005 01:43:21 AM Category: News


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