The IPV6 Revolution

This is a shameless plug for a good buddy of mine who has setup a consultancy firm providing IPV6 Consultancy.

Take up of IPv6 over the last ten years has been slow, however with IPv4 addresses starting to run out across the world more and more users and companies are connecting to the IPv6 Internet.

Over the next year as the last IPv4 addresses are finally allocated, a new breed of Internet user will emerge รขโ‚ฌโ€œ those connected to only the IPv6 Internet.

Network Revolution can help you ensure that the content and services you have made available on the Internet are fully accessible to IPv6 only users. They offer two tracks to connect your organisation to the IPv6 Internet.

03333 321 426 (UK)
00 44 3333 321 426 (Worldwide)

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