The Linux Desktop

I have been an keen advocate of open source software and Linux in particular since discovering it back in early 2000, and the power it gave me to manage network environments. Network engineering is more core skill, and I discovered Linux and a myriad of network management tools whilst working for a cash strapped automotive firm.

As Linux improved in usability and hardware driver availability, I began using it on my desktop environments instead of excursively on servers. My reasons for running a Linux desktop and dumping windows were as follows.

  • I got fed up of paying £35-£50 to buy software to protect me from virus’s , and then not being sure that you are actually still virus free.
  • I got fed up of asking Microsoft for a new activation code for windows every time, I upgraded my Graphics card, or upgraded my PC.
  • I got fed-up of having my machine taken, over just by viewing a jpeg in Internet explorer.
  • I loved the fact that I could install software from Linux on-line catalogs for free.
  • I love the fact I have more tools to secure my computer ,without having to ask if I have the “Professional” or “Ultimate” versions of Linux.
  • I love the fact that I’m forced to run as a with non administrative rights, and elevate my right only when required.
  • I love the desktop effects and and virtual desktops which windows is only just starting to try and emulate.

Running a Linux desktop puts you back in control. You don’t feel that Microsoft have lent you the machine, or that your machine is actually owned by a teenager from china, and it’s in your house.

As for which version of Linux to use, yes there a lots to choose from, which makes things so interesting. One of the key ones which as had a key hand in making Linux so usable is Ubuntu Linux. “Linux for Human beings”.

Now when I’m approached to fix a virus ridden machines with about 12 botnets running on it. I also suggest the owners take a look at Linux.

9 times out of ten , most people moan that they wish they heard about Linux earlier.

If that’s the case ( you may ask). Why does Linux have less that 2% market share.

This will come clear in my later articles.


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