Getting Linux Support

One of the many lines of FUD which often appear in the press and on blogs is that you can not get good Linux support. These sort of articles are designed to reduce confidence in Linux and hinder the deployment of Linux, especially in a commercial environment.

However with a bit of common sense, it does not take much to show that this argument does hold much weight.

Linux distributions do not make money by selling “product” or Linux licenses. So how do they make money ? Why is IBM investing billions of dollars into Linux?

They make money buy selling support and consultancy. There are a large amount of companies of varying sizes
which can provide the support required. My own company Trenchant Systems has given needed support for several companies which depend on Linux as part of their revenue generation machinery.

IBM, Redhat, Novell and now even oracle will provide you with Linux support on a subscription terms.

Linux support is in abundance, don’t be a victim to FUD. Think it through and get the facts for yourself.


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