How to FAIL, even with good technology

If you read my article on ” What is Applied Information Technology” you will see that I take the view that the use of technology in business should create strong benefits, otherwise technology becomes a burden. You should be able to see a direct business benefit in the operation of your business, and also your customer satisfaction due to your more efficient information management and hopefully your process’s .

One of the best case studies of how to fail, even with good technology is parcelforce worldwide . I have written this post due to the fact that I’m currently experiencing some symptoms of the serious failings of this business, and thought I would use this as a case study, and also to warn other people not to trust items to parcelforce until they improve their systems and process’s. An item I’m shipping overseas has been lost or stolen whilst entrusted to parcelforce. Yes I’m annoyed that the parcel has been lost, but the key area of study is how it is being dealt with.

This is what is highlighting some serious problems which I wish I knew before i tried to use there services. Especially after I have done some research I can see that it is far reaching. I had no idea things were like this.

Parcelforce are keen to highlight that in 2006 they received an IFW Freighting Industry Awards for technology Well as we approach 2010 it looks like the technology no longer fits the business, or it is not being used effectively and they are now firefighting.

Apparently in 2007 a number of new computer systems were installed to replace some of the older systems which they inherited from Royal Mail and Post office counters.

Here are some of the symptoms, As we approach the Christmas rush this organisation will be under greater strain, and I would recommend you find an alternative method of delivering items.

  • Electronically tracked items are lost without trace, which the investigations team can not locate
  • To make a claim for lost items, You download a claim form in PDF fill it in by hand and FAX it back to them
  • Once the claim is faxed, staff are not able to acknowledge receipt for at least 7 days. Hang on to your fax receipt
  • You can’t book online on your Apple Mac, Smartphone, netbook or Linux machine. Windows only
  • In June 2009 personal information customer information was leaked via the website

“Competitive advantage does not come from possessing Information Technology, It comes from how well it is applied”


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