The paradox of choice

If you have not worked it out by now, I’m a Information technology professional. I have been working in the industry for over 20 years. During this time I have seen the Information technology world leak out of the corporate world and into our homes and also into our pockets.

It is now “normal” to have a Internet firewall, Terabytes if network attached storage, wireless networks and encryption systems in your home  (or is that just me ?)

This means that as more people are consuming this type of technology a lot more suppliers have come forward to meet the demand. The marketing practise which most companies follow is the concept of first to market, and product differentiation.

This means that we have now a huge choice of what products we purchase.

People often ask me :

  • Whats best Iphone, Blackberry or andriod ?
  • Whats  best Playstiation, Wii or Xbox ?
  • Whats best Vmware, KVM,  Citrix XEN ?
  • Whats best Netapps, EMC, or lefthand
  • Whats best Cisco or Juniper ?

You get the point….

Well my answer to all of those questions is rather annoyingly another question . What do you  need that type of product to do  for you?

The point is people need help to find the right product. They forget why they want it and get dazzled by the product itself.

I watch a lot of vidoes on Tedtalks and one in paticular by Barry Schwartz explains this in a very entertaining and insightful way. The way he explains the paradox of choice is applied to everything we  do in life.


This is a very intresing article

Comment by Nicola Davis, December 2011 06:32:17 PM
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