Hewlett Packard networking, throws down the gauntlet !

Interesting times ahead in the working world, Hewlett packard have just announced a flat license fee for all wired network switches

This is fantastic news, and I really hope vendors like Cisco are taking note.

As a network designer and troubleshooter it is extremely frustrating and expensive trying to determine  what version of firmware to select for a vast range of switching hardware.

Cisco even have a rather buggy website attempting to help you choose the firmware to use on your switch

It is also extremely frustrating when customers request design changes to their network, and you have to tell them that they need to purchase firmware upgrades as the feature they wish to use is not available.

I’m one of the biggest Cisco fan boys, but what HP are doing is fantastic and they are following what juniper have been doing for a number of years.

Come on cisco….. Pickup that gauntlet…….. The challenge has been made.


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