Business technology optimization

In some ways, running a successful business has become a lot harder than say 10 years ago. We are all taking advantage of the opportunities presented to us by the global market, and we also have to deal with the disadvantages, Competition is fiercer and margins are a lot tighter. Business owners have to manage costs more effectively and find innovative ways to operate. Innovation and experimentation are key enablers for any business.

Information Technology was used in the past to gain an advantage over competitors who were still struggling to process information, and were still following manual paper based procedures. Today, Information Technology systems are prevalent in businesses of all sizes. This means the key to obtaining advantage over your competition is not the possessing of Information Technology, but how well you exploit it.

The management of Information technology tends to take a life of it’s own , separate from the core business. Business technology optimization is basically pulling Information technology back into the business and making sure that it is serving the business correctly.

BTO is not complicated, it is basically a back to basics approach to IT management. Every technology purchase or modification has to have a businesses requirement standing firmly behind it.

Every IT professional should view themselves as businesses people, rather than primarily technologists. With this attitude business technology optimization will become second nature.


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