Linux “Get The Facts”

Over the past 3 years Microsoft have been running a “Get the Facts” campaign against Linux. They have a number of videocasts with whizzy graphics and uptempo music, with customers explaining why they dropped Linux in favor of Windows 2003 Server.

Linux is not suitable for every environment, However that does not make it inferior to windows. It is important that you examine requirements in detail before deploying ANY operating system. I do have a concern about some of the benchmarks and apparently independent studies which are meant to show how Linux is actually an inferior product to windows. With facts and figures being displayed in this manner it is very easy NOT to include a key factor which has an impact on the figures read.

Microsoft have already had a poke in the eye from the UK Advertising Standards Authority regarding misleading details during this campaign.

This Document makes very interesting reading if authentic, you decide

As a response, the Linux advocates (Redhat in particular) have responded by also highlighting whizzy videocasts and whitepapers explaining how Linux is superior than Windows

So how do you choose ?

How do you choose the right operating system for your business? Well, before we answer that question let’s answer another question, that will help us answer the first one.

How will you choose your next car? Some people will buy exactly the same brand and model that they are currently driving, and maybe change the colour, the latest model might have a few new features but no real change. These people have a brand loyalty which is hard to break. Other’s will look at their needs and examine how they will use the car.

  • I need to fit the golf clubs in the car.
  • I need to carry 5 kids.
  • I must have a car where I can service it locally. I’m not willing to travel
  • I need a car that does not depreciate like a falling stone
  • I want something exciting to drive.
  • It MUST be really reliable because of my job.
  • The parts and servicing must be cheap.
  • It must be good on fuel.
  • It must have low emissions. I want to do my bit to save the planet.
  • I want airbags everywhere!

Do you get the picture……….. ?

Once you have determined your needs you might set yourself a budget. You then look around at what your money can buy. Choose carefully, you are spending a lot of money.

Would you now go out and buy a car solely on the information provided by the car manufacturer. No you are going to obtain information from magazines like WhatCar or Websites. You are going to get information from people you see in your supermarket car park who own cars on your shortlist. Ultimately you will take it for a test drive and SEE FOR YOURSELF what the car is like to live with against your list of needs.

Guess what buying Operating Systems is exactly the same process.You have to examine your business needs and forecast your future requirements. Determine your budget, you might setup a test environment to test your requirements list and seek your own information.

Can you imagine a world where you could buy any model car you wanted, as long as it was a Ford. Ford make great cars, but isn’t it great that we have a choice.


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