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reset local accounts on IPBrick

To reset the passwords on IPBrick (Debian) you will need to edit the default Grub menu at the boot screen. Select the kernel and the Grub Boot screen and press e Locate the kernel line of and enter init=/bin/bash at the very end. press CTRL-X The server will then boot at drop you at the
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Add new storage to your IPBrick

IPBrick creates 2 mount points on the file system for storage (/home1, /home2). You can add further storage locations (IPBrick refers to them as work areas) using a provided script. ipbrick:/opt/system/scripts# php system_add_new_workareas.php X X refers to the number of extra work-areas you want defined. Before running this script you must have already created the
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Configure UK console keyboard on IPBrick

When you first login to your IPBrick console , You will find that the keyboard mappings will not match the UK keyboard. Enter this command once you login: ipbrick:~# dpkg-reconfigure console-data Follow the onscreen menus and select the correct keyboard and language layout. You only have to perform this once.

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Configure QOS on your IPBrick

QOS (Quality of Service) is a hack or work around if you do not have enough bandwidth to deploy delay sensitive applications such as voice. QOS can buy you sometime whilst you sought out your bandwidth problems. QOS has to be configured and deployed through the whole network for it to work ( Handsets, switches,
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How to Backup Your IPBrick

IPBrick 6.1  has 4 key areas where data is stored /home1* /home2 Postgres System Database Postgres User Database */home1 is a very important area. It shares this mount point with user data and system data. If your IPrick is very busy will be beneficial if you mount this area to a SAN with ample discs
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