BYOD Bring Your Own Desk

Bring Your Own Desk

Bring Your Own Desk

There are a number of assets required which as a business owner you have had to supply your staff to enable them to work effectively. Your facilities management department actually spend a large amount of time purchasing and maintaining office furniture to enable your staff to work in a productive manner.

Even after all this work your staff may be dissatisfied with the standard you have chosen and look for alternatives. Since the consumerisation of office furniture from vendors such as ikea and costco, most employees now have access to a wide range of office desks which they wish to use at work.

Many of your staff will have office desks at home where they would like to able to be productive and some may even bring their desks to work to create a more comfortable working environment.

The challenge here is that the facilities management have been unable to support this. Having a standard desktop allows the facilities management to effectively plan office space, run the cabling infrastructure and maintain the keys to the desk drawers to ensure that the documents and items stored in the desk drawers are kept secure.

Rather than cause tension between the facilities management, and possibly reduce the productivity of your staff, it is best to define your BYOD policy.

There are a number of new innovations to enable staff to use BYOD and allow facilities to cover some of the security risks and office space challenges.

According to a survey by ikea 71% of staff will be willing to pay for their own office desk for use for work.

There are some key opportunities for business’s to make big savings for facilities management. The key risks which you need to plan for is the management of item loss by staff using keys, and for the business owner to be able to manage desk content when the member of staff leaves the company or the desk is stolen.

There are a number of vendors which have a BYOD policy and can help you minimise these risks


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